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Seattle Human Services Releases 2022 Annual Report

The Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) is pleased to share our just-released 2022 Annual Report with you, highlighting some of the incredible work we accomplished—together with our City and community partners.

Photo Image of the cover of the HSD 2022 Annual Report

“In 2022, we successfully executed a return-to-work plan for staff, enabling us to better serve our community in-person while adhering to all necessary health and safety protocols,” said Acting Department Director Tanya Kim. “Supporting our workforce, including its leadership team, has allowed us to build on our achievements and continue to be one of the largest contributors to Seattle’s safety net for people in times of need.”

During a time when high inflation compounded the economic hardships already experienced by many individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic:

This 2022 Annual Report identifies the department’s $271.2 million investment in contracts and direct services investments in six core impact areas: 1) Preparing Youth for Success, 2) Supporting Affordability and Livability, 3) Supporting Safe Communities, 4) Addressing Homelessness, 5) Promoting Public Health, and 6) Promoting Healthy Aging. Across these impact areas, the department invests in programs and services that promote racial equity and create tangible change for the people served.

Turn the pages of the report to view over a dozen key data highlights and read some of the many stories and feedback worth sharing about the impacts these investments made in the community, and especially in the lives of individuals who received services or participated in a program during 2022. The full report can be found on the Human Services Department website or downloaded here.