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Human Services Department awards funding for 2018 Family Support RFP

The Human Services Department (HSD) will award over $3 million in funding to 23 agencies responding to the 2018 Family Support Request for Proposals (RFP).

The activities funded through the Family Support RFP will focus on strengthening and empowering families, so that youth in our city successfully transition into adulthood. Two strategy areas were identified to strengthen and empower families for this funding process: Systems Navigation Support—training and support to help families learn how to access services and navigate systems independently, and Family Management—training and support to help families build and maintain positive, healthy relationships within their family and with their communities. This funding process is not intended to provide case management or emergency services for families in crisis, or services for young adults, without children, who live independently.

23 applicants will successfully receive funding for the January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019 contract period, pending the appeals process.

Systems Navigation Strategy:

  1. Asian Counseling & Referral Services ($99,756)
  2. Children’s Home Society of Washington ($132,067)
  3. Chinese Information & Service Center ($220,250)
  4. Coalition for Refugees from Burma ($86,100)
  5. Divine Alternatives for Dads ($157,923)
  6. El Centro de la Raza ($142,527)
  7. Horn of Africa ($217,863)
  8. Neighborhood House ($114,807)
  9. Open Arms Perinatal Services ($56,870)
  10. Somali Family Safety Task Force ($74,763)
  11. South Park Area Redevelopment Committee (South Park Information & Resource Center) ($213,750)
  12. Southwest Youth & Family Services ($255,454)
  13. Vietnamese Friendship Association ($94,144)


Family Management Strategy:

  1. Children’s Home Society of Washington ($116,234)
  2. Chinese Information & Service Center ($74,350)
  3. Divine Alternatives for Dads ($53,046)
  4. FamilyWorks ($96,074)
  5. Horn of Africa ($225, 882)
  6. Neighborhood House ($167,731)
  7. Open Arms Perinatal Services ($156,505)
  8. South Park Area Redevelopment Committee (South Park Information & Resource Center) ($100,736)
  9. Southwest Youth & Family Services ($156,674)
  10. Vietnamese Friendship Association ($129,648)

Funded organizations will become part of a family support network that will meet monthly to share best practices, learn from one another, participate in training, and will be offered technical assistance.