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July 2016
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Tag: kindergarten

Enroll early for kindergarten 2013-14

The  Seattle Human Services Department is partnering with Seattle Public Schools and the Seattle Early Education Collaborative to host early kindergarten enrollment nights at several Seattle elementary schools through mid-January 2013. For a list of enrollment night locations, please see this news release.  


Enroll your child early for kindergarten 2013-14

The Seattle Human Services Department (HSD), in its coordinating role for the Seattle Early Education Collaborative, has announced seven early enrollment opportunities for kindergarten 2013-2014. Seattle Public Schools, SEEC, and preschools funded by HSD have partnered to provide culturally responsive support for families enrolling their children into kindergarten. Child care, dinner, interpreters, resources, technical assistance, and translation of […]


Enroll NOW in kindergarten 2012-13

Enroll now in Seattle Public Schools kindergarten for 2012-13.  The City of Seattle is partnering with Seattle Public Schools to host early kindergarten enrollment nights at seven elementary schools in Seattle this November, December and January. Families who attend will have a chance to meet school principals and hear from kindergarten teachers and family support workers […]


New moms increasingly older, better educated, foreign-born

New moms in the U.S. are increasingly older, better educated and born in other countries, a new study found, and these shifts promise to change child care, preschool and pre-kindergarten. The study is “The New Demography of the American Mother” by the Pew Research Center. For details visit BirthtoThrive Online.

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